Freedom™ Infinity Zipline™

Freedom™ Infinity Zipline™
Smart Blind - Retractable Screens

Freedom™ Infinity Zipline™

The uncompromising quality and modern appearance of the Infinity Zipline™ will perfectly complement any home. The Infinity Zipline™ spans up to 4.5 metres in a single screen and up to 9 metres in a double screen and adopts a unique mesh-to-track retention system which prevents the mesh sagging and stops mesh blowouts – perfect for larger openings. Accredited NATA Laboratory results prove the incredible strength of the Infinity Zipline™ system with static load testing results of up to 590kg.

The easy to operate Freedom™ Brake System enables the screen to stop safely in any position, and the sleek retrofit housing neatly attaches to any existing opening. Available in a variety of finishes including powder-coated and anodised aluminium, coloured end caps and brake levers, also available in a pull-down style for servery windows or a remote controlled motorised roll-down.

Watch these animation videos of the Infinity Zipline Screens below.  First, a single Infinity Zipline over a Double Front Door:

5 year warranty - Freedom Retractable Screens
NATA accredited