ZL2 retractable screen

ZL2 retractable screen
Flyscreens for Sliding Doors


The ZL2 is a modern and sleek retractable screen for large openings to provide protection from flies, mozzies and other irritating insects, while providing your home with a stylish indoor/outdoor living accessory to complement your existing decor. The new ZL2 retractable fly screen system can span up to 6.5 metres for a single sided unit, and amazingly a full 13 metres for a double-sided unit!

The screen glides smoothly over a 12.5 mm low profile track. With a fully flush handle and concealed fixing throughout, the ZL2 fits harmoniously in any architectural setting.

The screen works with various external door configurations including bi-fold doors, sliding doors and stacking doors to name a few. Another great feature of the ZL2 is that it can even be used on large corner openings.

The ZL2 can be fitted either internally or externally and comes in a variety of powder coat colours. The ZL2 is constructed using high quality materials and components that include Freedom’s innovative braking system and fully anchored mesh for high wind resistance With its large spanning options, its low profile construction, flush handles and sleek design the ZL2 is the ultimate retractable screen.