High Quality Fly Screen

High Quality Fly Screen

At the end of winter when you can feel the air get warmer, you simply cannot wait to open your door and welcome the fresh air. The problem is that flies and other insects can be a persistent problems in the warmer months. They don’t just create annoyance for you and your family members, they also bring in germs and bacteria into the house.

House flies are known to carry diseases such as typhoid, cholera, and dysentery. Mosquitoes also carry diseases, such as dengue fever that can be passed on to people through mosquito bites. In the warmer months, screen doors are an essential way to keep bugs and insects as well as cottonwood seeds from entering.

Fly screens are also a great way to cut down on electricity costs as they allow a nice breeze in to cool down the house, minimising usage of air conditioning systems. Our retractable screen range allow you to fully open your front doors and allow the maximum amount of fresh air to flow through your home.

It is crucial to keep mosquitoes and flies out of your home as they are not only annoying but can also cause dangerous diseases. Our popular products can help prevent most harmful insects from entering your home. Quality screens provide excellent functions, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor entertainment areas without worrying about flies and other insects.

It is absolutely a bad idea to get bad quality screen doors with an awful design which will ruin the whole look of your beautiful house. Having a nice home protected from bugs and insects doesn’t mean you have to compromise on design and style.

Freedom Retractable Screens offers nothing but the best quality products that are highly practical as well as neatly designed so you can make sure that your house stays stylish.

For these coming warmer months, choose from our wide range of retractable bi-folding screens and screen doors from us and see how letting the cool fresh breeze in can improve the quality of air circulation in your house and how much you could save from relying less on your air conditioning system.

Getting Retractable Screens for Your Home

Screen doors are an inexpensive way of ensuring your home is free from bugs and pests as well as letting you enjoy fresh air and beautiful natural light.

To make sure your screen door will fit perfectly, it is recommended that you measure the height from the floor to the bottom of the header on both sides of frame. For the width, measure across the top, middle, and bottom of the doorway. Be sure to take a good look at your interior door to determine that you need a screen door with a left or right housing.

If you are considering on getting a fly screen for your home, click here to contact us today and explore the best options of fly screen available in Perth, WA. Our professional and friendly staffs are here to give you the best advice.

Retractable Screen Experts

If you are thinking about investing in screens for your home, you have come to the right place. Freedom Retractable Screens is an Australian company with more than a decade of experience in providing quality screens for residential and commercial properties.

At our company, we never cease to develop better quality products and always strive to exceed customer satisfaction. Most of our products are proudly manufactured locally in Perth, Western Australia and we have distributors all around most country areas in WA.

In addition to offering the best products, we are also pushing ourselves hard to provide you the best service. Our staff is properly trained and are professional in their field, making them well qualified as your adviser should you need suggestions for choosing the right screens.

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