French doors add beauty and elegance to any home thanks to their stylish and dainty design.

Homeowners love to add them into their home design because they are good looking and are also incredibly versatile. The doors do an excellent job of bringing in more natural light to your home.

The fresh air and breeze you get when you open your double doors is a wonderful feeling, especially on a gorgeous warm sunny day. The problem is that the warmer months typically bring in a seemingly endless stream of bugs and other insects. Opening your doors is essentially an invitation to all these annoying pests.

This is when fly screens for French doors come in handy.

The screens for this kind of door are usually the normal deck screens adapted to suit this design of the door. Many of the doors with this style are installed without screens, but can be added later.

Are you looking to install a screen door on your beautiful French doors, but want to make sure it will blend in well? You have come to the right place.

Whether you need a fly screen for a French door or bi-folding, Freedom Retractable Screens offers cost effective solutions that are customised to individual requirements. No centre post is required for our screens, as the screens pull across to meet in the centre. You can get offset centre units with 3 panel doors for easy use up to your requirement.

Our braking system is especially useful in the double application as one screen can be pulled into the middle and locked in position simply by releasing the handle. When you bring the other handle to meet it, it will stay put as the brake is holding it.

One screen can then be opened and closed with no worry of the other one flying back into the housing. The brake also works to stop the screen from moving back into the housing when it gets knocked.

In its double application, our insect screens can screen a 4 metre wide opening with a maximum height of 2.2m or up to 2.7m high if the width is less than 3m. For larger openings, please contact us and talk to our professional team for custom design consulting.

Our professional and well experienced staff are more than happy to give you the best advice for a screen door solution that suits your needs.

With a range of over 80 different colours, our products have a 50mm housing that sits unobtrusively to the side of your frame, keeping those unwanted insects and bugs outside without detracting the look of your doorway.

Our screens allow you to open your doors and welcome the fresh air and gorgeous light in your house, while keeping those annoying flies out without compromising the look of your doorway.

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Why Choose Us?

Freedom Retractable Screens provides quality fly screens for French doors that are built to high standards. We are a trustworthy Australian company with extensive industry experience in residential and commercial insect screens.

We are committed to providing quality products without any compromises and exceeding customer expectations. Our goal is to continue moving steadily to become the number one insect screens provider in the market, both national and international.

We manufacture our products in Perth, and distribute them to most country areas in Western Australia through our 13 distributers state wide.

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